Weekly Actions | 7.10.17

Action 1: Check out the Swing Left Summer Challenge
Yesterday, I sat in on a Swing Left conference call. They are kicking off their Summer Challenge, an effort to get voter commitment for the 2018 elections. The group is targeting districts across the country that are likely to flip in 2018. In Colorado, that district is CO-06, currently represented by Republican, Mike Coffman.
The effort is focused on:
  • Identifying voters to ensure turn out
  • Getting advanced commitment
  • Collecting commitment cards from voters
If you’re interested, check out the details for the Colorado target district. I have reached out to the organizers and will be identifying canvassing opportunities to present to the group in our upcoming huddle.
Action 2: Download the Every Election App
An app was recently published that keeps voters up-to-date on elections in their area. You can download it here and watch the video below for more information.

Introducing the NewFounders’ EveryElection App from NewFounders on Vimeo.

Action 3: Sign up for It Starts Today
It Starts Today is an independent initiative through which grassroots donors can fund every Democratic nominee for the House and Senate. We don’t play favorites or write anyone off, and your money goes directly to the nominee in every race in every district in every state.
Donating $4.68/mo. you can help fund every race to take back Congress in 2018. Learn more here.

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