Weekly Actions | 6.12.17

I’ve prioritized two actions. Trumpcare and the Georgia Election
The Affordable Care Act, and the healthcare of millions of Americans, is under a massive and urgent threat by Republicans. On Wednesday, June 7th, Speaker Mitch McConnell used “Rule 14” to successfully fast-track the AHCA, the House healthcare bill that passed last month designed to deprive 23 million people of healthcare in order to provide tax breaks to corporations and the rich. Rule 14 will allow the bill to go straight to a Senate floor vote without any requirement for committee debate or discussion.Currently, the Senate plan is being developed in secret and is expected to be submitted to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) around June 13th, without the release of any details of the submitted healthcare plan to the public or even Senate Democrats. While the CBO score will be released to the public two weeks later during the week of June 26th, McConnell is expected to immediately call for a vote on the bill on the Senate floor (to reach his publicly stated goal of passing the bill before the July 4th recess), giving Senate Democrats and constituents *hours* to learn of and digest a new healthcare plan that will affect one-sixth of the national economy and their own personal well-being.
It’s coming down to the wire and Ossoff has a slight lead, but Georgia needs all the help it can get. If you can, sign up and join Jonathan and me next Monday for a Swing Left Phone Banking Party!

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