Weekly Actions | 5.28.17

Here are some recommended actions from the Indivisible Group for the week!

  1. Save the ACA: Demand that your Senators work in an open and transparent way and remind them that TrumpCare is as devastating as it is unfixable. Make sure they know that you’re watching and that you won’t accept any support for it. If you can only talk about one thing, it should be this.
  2. Resist Trump’s billionaire budget: Here are the key messages to make sure your members of Congress hear from you
  3. Get an independent commission on #TrumpRussia: You got the special counsel but it isn’t enough. There’s a bill in the House and Senate that your members of Congress need to support.
  4. Protect our families from big banks on Wall Street: On June 7, the House will vote on the CHOICE Act to gut protections for families on main Street from big banks on Wall Street who would do us harm. Tell your MoCs to reject it.

We’ve included town hall questions for you to use on these four topics.

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