Weekly Actions | 5.21.17

This Week’s 4 Indivisible Actions

  1. Defend the Affordable Care Act in the Senate: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score is coming on Wednesday, which may kick it back to another vote in the House. Keeping pressure on your Senators is now more important than ever. Keep telling your Senators a vote for TrumpCare is unacceptable. Here’s everything you need to fight back.
  2. Join us Thursday for a Facebook Live on the TrumpCare CBO Score: On Thursday at 8:30pm ETwe’ll be answering your questions live during a special Facebook Live event to talk about the TrumpCare CBO score and what’s next for the legislation in the Senate.
  3. Save Our Democracy: A special counsel was an important step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. We need an independent commission. Here’s everything you need to tell your MoCs to put Truth before Trump (and keep an eye out—we may see Comey testifying before the House on Wednesday). Get started now with our toolkit on Russia and Trump.
  4. #TrumpCut Budget Released Tuesday: While Trump’s disaster-of-a-budget proposal won’t become law, it will kick off the budget negotiations. Don’t let Republicans cut vital programs for poor and working class Americans to pay for Trump’s wall and pave the way for tax giveaways to corporations and the rich.

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