Recap of 4th Huddle | 3.23.17

Thanks to all who attended last night’s meeting! Below are the commitments we made in the meeting and a couple of upcoming meeting announcements.

Upcoming Meeting Announcements

  • Alejandro will be presenting to the group at the next meeting on April 6th as a test-run for a presentation that he’s giving in DC as a representative of the planetary science community
  • Andy Schultheiss, Jared Polis’ previous Chief of Staff will be joining the meeting on April 20.

Commitments to be completed by 4.6.17 Huddle

  • Talk to a Trump Supporter – ALL. Note: Sarah brought up the divide of our country and the ongoing lack of trust that is creating polarization. So, I challenge the group to have a conversation with someone who might not agree with you. We have to bridge this gap and if we begin now, as we enter the 2018 election season, we will be practiced! Feel free to write and share your experiences with the group!
  • Determine who is working on the Fracking ballot initiative – Tom Note: The energy, oil, gas, and fracking issue is a big issue and it directly effects our community. Tom is going to determine which groups are working on a fracking ballot initiative and share with the group. Sub-task: Rich, connect Tom with Anne Marie
  • Share information about the election IFRR sub-committee with the group – Sarah
  • Review Town Hall notes and organize – Heidi, Andrea, James Note: As Gardner hosts more tele-townhalls, it’s important for us to be prepared with direct questions and follow up questions to force him to address the issues.
  • Reach out to Fenberg to find out how we can be helpful when they aren’t in session and what we can do to get him more allies – Andrea
  • Find out who is up for re-election at the state level and determine state-level swing left actions – Jonathan

The next meeting will be held on April 6th at 6 PM at Galvanize. Please RSVP here, so I know how many people to expect and if you have friends that are interested, feel free to invite them!

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