Recap of 3rd Huddle | 3.9.17

What a great meeting last Thursday! Thanks to Glenn for bringing the postcards and postage and for all of your awesome participation. Below are commitments from the meeting—you all are so excellent that many to-dos have been followed up on already, so look for details on follow up in the list below. I’ve also included information about the next huddle and links to some recent updates on the site.


  • Explore/present on Fracking – Thomas
  • Connect and organize list of resistance organizations  – Lea, Thomas, Sarah
  • Group to review the transcript of Gardner town hall, comment and plan specific questions for the next town hall – All (thanks for putting the doc together Heidi!)
  • Reach out to Andy Schultheiss to see if he will present – Sarah reached out and he said Yes! Now we’re on to picking a date.
  • Submit small meeting request with Polis – Andrea
  • Submit large group meeting with Polis – Alejandro
  • Coordinate with Steve Fenberg and other huddle to schedule meeting – Andrea
  • Write Letters to the Editor – Here is the resource I went through in the meeting
    • Topic: Immigration, Writer: Glenn
    • Topic: Admin Cuts/Local Science Jobs, Writer: Alejandro
    • Topic: Every Student Succeeds Act, Writer: Maura
    • Topic: Healthcare, Writer: Thomas – DONE! BOOM! 🙂

Additional Information/Links

Next Huddle—3.23.17

The next huddle will be an action-oriented huddle. Please RSVP and let me know if you’ll be bringing a guest by the end of this week. I’ve reserved a few different rooms so that we can set up stations for writing postcards, making calls, and writing letters to the editor.


  1. James

    I really feel like we’re gathering momentum and skill-sets, all. I am really excited when I think about what this group can accomplish. BOOM!

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