Recap of 2nd Huddle | 2.23.17

Discussion Notes

Jonathan presented on Gerrymandering. Thanks Jonathan! It was great. More information can be found in this Washington Post article.

We decided that we are going to reach out to Jared Polis and propose a meeting to discuss environmental issues. Please email me at if you want to join and I will coordinate with the group. Once we figure out who wants to go, I will provide a list of attendees, we can coordinate on message/topic, and then the group can all submit a request to see if we get a meeting!

The next meeting’s topic will be “Letter to the Editor” Andrea (me) will present on how to write a Letter to the Editor and then our next meeting will be an action meeting, where we will all gather to write letters or make calls.

Lastly, there was talk about getting all of the Huddles together for a larger event and inviting State Legislators. I am in contact with Senator Steve Fenberg and another Huddle group, so we’re on track to make this happen! I vote for late March, but would love input.

Thanks all!

Commitments for the Next Two Weeks—Deadline Thursday, March 9

  • Prepare Letter to the Editor presentation for March 9 Huddle – Andrea
  • Compile State Level Intel – Alejandro
  • Put together resistance organization mind map – Lea & Thomas
  • Add a Calendar to the site – Andrea
  • Reach out to Polis to propose meeting about environment, EPA, etc. – All


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