Recap of First #Resist Huddle | 2.9.17

Outcomes of our Discussion

Our Vision
Improved education system
Healthcare provided to all
We have a government with integrity
Human needs are met
Citizens are inspired and engaged
We return to a government with “Great Debate”
There’s diverse leadership
A respect for facts and science exist
Equity is realized
Compromise returns
There’s a democratic majority
We get rid of gridlock
Less division of people exists
We have a positive, open party
There’s more listening, connection, and empathy
An elimination of separation is realized
We all feel safe
We have a leader that inspires us
We are proud to be Americans
There’s more opportunity for all

What Has to Happen
Citizens are active – civil engagement
Campaign finance reform is accomplished
We win the midterms
The impact of gerrymandering is altered
We have an effective timing of conversations
Community organizing occurs
More quality democratic candidates
Our leadership is kept accountable
There are stronger ethics reviews
Democrats are more vocal and take a stand
The middle is activated
Voting reform occurs
There’s higher voter turn out
Citizens are more informed
There’s a social network effect to the huddles
The 50-state strategy is working
We activate young voters
We have better data
Priorities in the near term
Self education
Engage others and invite them
Win the midterms
Define coherent democratic messaging
Get active with young people
Investigate how to get better data to support our cause

Action by Thursday, February 23
Self-education – Topic assignments
Gerrymandering – Jonathan
Who is up for reelection – Maura
Define Swing Left actions – Sarah
State-Level events – Alejandro
Letter to the editor how to – Andrea
Post-card supplies – Glen to bring next time commitment as time allows – All
Set up rapid response team – Andrea


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