Daily Actions | 2.24.17

Happy Friday! Below are today’s actions. State, Federal, and things to check out.


HB17-1156 is scheduled to be introduced to the State House Health and Human Services Committee(link below). This bill will pass the House, so we do not need people to testify. We do need people to start calling the Senate President, Senator Kevin Grantham (contact info in link below). Please be respectful, kind and thoughtful when you call. He will determine if this gets a vote on the Senate floor or goes to a kill Committee. If we can get a floor vote in the Senate we can get it passed. The main talking point is that Conversion Therapy doesn’t work and is actually detrimental to our gay youth.



Trump has recently rescinded President Obama’s guidelines to public schools regarding equal treatment of transgendered students. A quote today from Laverne Cox that summed this battle up: “Bathroom bills are not really about bathrooms. They’re about whether trans people have the right to exist in public places…I exist. I have the right to exist in public spaces.” Please call your MoC to respectfully demand they publicly condemn his attacks on transgender students’ civil rights.


To Check Out

A Resistance Event Calendar has been created

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