Daily Actions | 2.20.17

A recent article by David Brooks of the NY Times discusses the message of our movement and makes a case for finding a message and a cause that makes sense to both sides:

“We are not going to win with a message about “reproductive rights, equal pay, affordable health care, action on climate change,” etc.  And no matter how passionately we may feel, doubling down on these issues won’t build us the coalition we need  — nor are they fundamentally what this struggle is really about!  What is at stake here is much bigger and broader than that.  What we are really fighting for are our American democratic institutions and ideals — decency, honesty, democracy, justice, the constitution and the rule of law. We are the patriots in a moral struggle. And if we frame our message as such, we may stand a chance of building a coalition with millions of good-hearted conservatives who loathe Trumpism as much as we do. That doesn’t mean we give up what we believe. But it does mean that we have to stop thinking and talking in terms that only make us feel good and do nothing to broaden our base of support.  Trump’s structural weakness is that he has pissed off a wide spectrum of people, both left and right. Let’s bridge that gap and come together around values we both understand and share. I respectfully put this idea before you all for your consideration.

Something to think about as we focus our efforts…

Here are actions for today!

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